Foxy Brown Speaks On Hearing Loss

Rapper Foxy Brown took the stage to confront the rumors and speculation about her hearing loss and current medical condition. The rap star proclaimed that she hasn't been able to hear for six months.

The Def Jam rapper was joined by a gaggle of supporters in front of a crowd of press, photographers and staff on the set of BET’s “106 & Park” show, which is housed inside of the CBS Building in Manhattan.

Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, Doug E. Fresh, Tyson Beckford, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, her doctor Laura Arias, her new attorney Jospeh Fleming, Reverend Young Blood, Cathy Jordan Sharpton, Burt Bedel, her mother and her two brothers all stood along the sidelines to support the 26-year-old artist. While he was slated to appear, Jay-Z, Def Jam's President, did not come to the press conference.

"In May 2005, my life was altered drastically," Foxy, born Inga Marchand, said in a prepared statement. "During my recording of Black Roses, I experienced a sudden hearing loss.

Breaking down into tears, Brown stated that even on stage, she was unable to hear anything going on around her and communicated solely through reading lips, facial expressions, and notes.

"We take for granted the simple words such as 'I love you', but I appreciate them all."

Brown's doctor, Dr. Laura Arias the CEO of Medicine by Design, a medical consulting firm, stated that Foxy’s condition had no source or confirmed cause.

According to Arias, Foxy has lost hearing in both ears, a condition that remains permanent without treatment. The cause of the ailment is unknown.

Foxy is expected to begin treatment in January of 2006 and also will undergo surgery. Recovery time will be brief, but Arias said the time frame varies from patient to patient.

Dr. Arias stated that Foxy Brown was an excellent candidate for the procedure and patients with the same condition have regained their hearing.

Russell Simmons also took the stage to state the reasons for this press conference. Simmons felt the media has portrayed the situation in a wrongful manner and would like to use the time to correct the situation and also seek prayer from the public.

Her close friend, Doug E. Fresh also explained how surprised he had been when he heard of Foxy’s deafness.

“When I heard it, I didn’t know how true it was, I thought maybe it was a publicity stunt, I was amazed to see that she really couldn’t hear. I was out watching a movie with my son and she was there, he ran up to her, but he came back and said she didn’t talk to him and I thought to myself that isn’t Foxy, she talks to anyone who comes up to her.”

Doug E. Fresh mentioned how he was impressed to see Foxy Brown actually rapping on Biggie’s new album even with her loss of hearing.

“[People had to] tap on her shoulder to keep the beat and record for Biggie’s album and I heard…her flow was bananas,” Doug E. Fresh said.

Foxy Brown closed off by stating that she will finish recording her album, Black Roses, immediately upon getting her hearing back. Foxy said she would be releasing Black Roses in 2006.

The press conference was closed with a prayer from Reverend Young Blood.