Foxy Brown Surrenders In Assault Case; Leaves Def Jam

Rapper Foxy Brown surrendered to authorities yesterday (Aug. 14) on assault charges stemming from a July 30 incident, in which she hit her neighbor in the face with her BlackBerry, injuring the woman.

Brown, who is currently on probation for a 2004 assault involving two manicurists, has had a long-standing dispute with her neighbor Arlene Raymond, 25.

According to The New York Post, the origin of the dispute revolved around the volume of the stereo of Foxy Brown's car.

Shortly before the July 30 assault, Brown allegedly confronted Raymond at the pharmacy where she works, flashed a wad of money in her face and called her a "low life b**ch" that would "never be nothing."

The women crossed paths on a street corner in their Prospect Heights neighborhood on July 30 and Brown allegedly attacked Raymond.

"She just ran into me and she just started screaming, I hate you, b**ch," Raymond told The New York Post. "And she hit me with her Blackberry. She just threw it at me. I have an abrasion in my eye. It was red and bleeding. She ran off to her mothers home."

Raymond went to a local hospital and treated for a bruised eye and a loose tooth.

Officials with the Department of Probation filed a violation, which means Brown could face at least one year in prison for the assault for the alleged incident.

Brown was released yesterday on $5,000 bail. A hearing was set for September 26.

In addition to the latest incident, Brown, 27, is facing charges stemming from February incident in Pembroke Pines, Florida when Brown allegedly spit on the owner of a beauty supply store and struggled with an arresting officer.

In that incident, Brown was charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence. She was released on $1500 bond.

Brown has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor assault charges stemming from the February beauty store incident.

In related news, Brown is no longer recording for Def Jam and has inked a deal with Koch Records.

Brown will launch her own imprint, Black Rose Entertainment.

The label will release at least three albums a year, with the first project being Brown's album Brooklyn's Don Diva (Dec. 4) and the second being her highly anticipated album Black Roses.