Foxy Brown Surrenders On Assault Charge

Foxy Brown turned

herself in to police last night (March 7) on a misdemeanor assault charge due

to an incident with a manicurist in Manhattan nail salon last year.

The incident occurred at Bloomie Nails in August of 2004.

Brown’s lawyer stated that the incident started when Brown

requested a manicure and a pedicure, but only got a manicure.

When she refused to pay the bill of $20, the employees allegedly

locked her in the store and demanded the cash.

Sources stated that during the fracas, Brown allegedly threw

a cell phone at an employee.

Brown eventually escaped from the store and flagged down a police

officer, who advised her to pay the $20 tab.

The employees reported

the incident to police as well. Brown’s lawyers says the two workers are

motivated by money.