Foxy Brown To Stand Trial In July For Assault

Foxy Brown will stand trial July 17 for allegedly assaulting two nail salon employees in a dispute over a manicure, a judge ruled today (May 26).

Brown, born Inga Marchant, will face misdemeanor assault charges.

Prosecutors say the rapper, 26, punched and kicked two employees after they allegedly refused to let her leave the salon when Brown refused to pay her $20 dollar tab.

Brown allegedly struck one of the employees in the face and body with a cell phone in her closed fist and hit the manager of the salon.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Gerald Harris also issued orders of protection today for Myoung Yi and Sun Ji Song, the two employees allegedly assaulted by the rapper.

Brown rejected a plea deal with prosecutors and has maintained her innocence. In December 2005, Brown was handcuffed to a court bench for allegedly disrespecting the court, over chewing gum.

The rapper was ordered to apologize or face 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for contempt of court.