Foxy Brown To Undergo Surgery For Hearing Impairment

Brooklyn rapper Foxy

Brown announced today (Sept. 22) that she plans to temporarily stop performing

to undergo surgery for a hearing defect.

Brown briefly fielded questions after making an appearance in

a Manhattan Criminal Court on assault charges.

As she strained to hear reporters, Brown revealed that she plans

to seek treatment for her hearing impairment.

Although she didn’t make public details about the hearing

problem, she did indicate that an operation was planned soon.

She also denoted that she plans to finish her new CD and that

Sunday would be her last public appearance until further notice.

Brown made a brief appearance in court to address legal problems she’s

facing over an alleged fight with two Manhattan nail salon workers.

Prosecutors allege that the female rapper assaulted one worker

with a close fist while kicking her. She is also alleged to have hit a second

worker in the face, authorities said.

Judge Martin Murphy set a trial date for Dec. 5 after Marchand rejected at least

two misdemeanor plea deals that would have let her avoid any jail time for the

alleged assault.

Under the plea deal proposed by the Manhattan district attorney's

office, Brown would have served only 10 days of community service.

She’s been charged with misdemeanor assault, attempted

assault and harassment.

"I'm innocent,"

proclaimed Foxy Thursday from the steps of the courthouse. "I feel like

I'm being railroaded."

Brown's lawyer,

Joseph Tacopina, denied that she committed a misdemeanor and confidently noted

that if they go to trial, she will be acquitted.

Tacopina also indicated

that the complainants "don't want to proceed. This is a waste of their

time, her (Brown's) time, and the public's time."

Tacopina went on

to say that he would consider a plea to disorderly conduct, an offense that

is less than a misdemeanor, but that the prosecutors have yet to offer such

a deal.