Frank Ocean Cancels Another Tour Due To Vocal Problems

Frank Ocean Cancels Another Tour Due To Vocal Problems

(AllHipHop News) Either Europe is killing him or Frank Ocean needs to take it easy on his vocal chords as he has canceled his second European tour for vocal problems.

According to a statement from LiveNation, Ocean suffered "a small tear to one of his vocal chords":

After last night's concert in Melbourne at Festival Hall, it was necessary to seek medical advice due to vocal issues Frank Ocean experienced during the show.

Frank's "tight tour schedule" will prevent him from making replacement dates, however LiveNation is "working to confirm a return to Australia as soon as is practical" and refunding tickets for those shows.

This is the second time in less than a year that the channel ORANGE singer has canceled tour dates due to vocal problems. In August of 2012, Ocean canceled his European tour, which included opening for Coldplay because "a tough decision had to be made in regard to my schedule over the next months," according to the singer's statement. Prior to making this announcement, Ocean ended a performance at Oya festival in Norway after four songs due to losing his voice according to organizers of the festival.