Frank Ocean's Battle Over The Creation Of His "Blonde" Album Comes To An End

The singer has finally settled claims he stiffed a co-writer out of royalties and credit.

(AllHipHop News) R&B star Frank Ocean has agreed to end a legal dispute with a former producer over writing credits for his hit album Blonde.

The singer became embroiled in a court battle with Om'Mas Keith last year, after the producer alleged he had co-written 11 songs on Ocean's critically-acclaimed 2016 project, but never officially signed off on the tracks' release.

Ocean hit back, insisting Keith was only hired to produce master recordings for the album, and not as a songwriter, and was paid a flat rate for his services.

Keith pressed ahead with his countersuit and accused Frank of failing to hand over his share of royalties.

In August, Ocean demanded Keith's lawsuit for damages and co-writing credits be thrown out of court, but the two sides have since reached a settlement to bring the bitter fight to an end.

According to reports, they have both agreed to drop all claims and counterclaims against one another, and dismiss all calls for damages.

They will each also pay their own legal fees to close the case.