Freaky Zeeky Shooter Gets 30 Years To Life

Chauncey Dillon was sentenced to 30 years to life yesterday (Dec. 17) for allegedly assaulting Dip Set rapper Freaky Zeeky and murdering Zeeky’s friend during a shoot-out in Manhattan last year.

The early morning shoot-out (April 24) allegedly began when a driver rear-ended Zeeky’s Jeep Cherokee, according to trial testimony.

The drivers involved left their respective vehicles to settle the incident and the exchange became heated, Zeeky, born Ezekiel Jiles, testified.

Prosecutors allege that Dillon, 30, and two other assailants attempted to seize the rapper’s jewels.

Zeeky’s bodyguard Eric Mangrum was killed in the shooting.

A surveillance camera from a nearby building caught some of the action on tape and confirmed that Dillon took part in the melee, according to reports.

The Brooklyn resident was found guilty of felony murder in October.

Two others implicated in the shooting are currently awaiting trial and a third suspect has yet to be detained.