Fred Wreck Shames Pharrell, Pissed Over Benefit Show For The Israeli Army

Pharrell is being condemned for helping the IDF raise millions of dollars during a gala benefit.

(AllHipHop News) Pharrell Williams has been besieged with outraged social media messages after playing at a benefit gig for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) personnel.

Pharrell joined actors including Ashton Kutcher, Gerard Butler, Andy Garcia, and singer Ziggy Marley, at the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces Western Region Gala at The Beverly Hilton hotel in California earlier this month.

Attendees raised $60 million for IDF soldiers, the relatives of fallen Israeli service people, and injured veterans.

At the ceremony, Pharrell performed "Happy" and gave a speech asking for an end to combat, while remembered the victims of last month's attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

But his appearance has angered activists who protest the IDF's actions in the long-running Israel-Palestine conflict.

Palestinian-American hip-hop producer Fredwreck also slammed the 45-year-old singer, tweeting: "To my friend @pharrell you performed for the IDF who murdered 252 Palestinians(49 children) this year protesting for their rights against being occupied. And you sing "Happy" to them?! What a shame."

Ahmed Abu Artema, a writer and activist who has led demonstrations in Gaza in the Israeli-occupied territories, told the Middle East Eye website that party attendees had "blood on their hands" for helping raise money for the IDF.

Stars including Lorde and Lana Del Rey have previously pulled out of gigs in Israel following pressure from activists.

Tensions in the region are high as this week Hamas militants have bombarded the Jewish state with rockets, causing Israeli officials to retaliate with targeted airstrikes.

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Zariel Talgrabli
Zariel Talgrabli

Fredwreck stands with Hamas. He stands with throwing 300 members of the Palestinian Authority off roofs. He stands with the torture and murder of those accused of being gay or having committed an anti-Hamas thought crime. He stands with Hamas's call for the destruction of Israel. .... On the other hand, Pharrell is a "Friend" of the IDF... which does more than any other army ever has to safeguard civilians. Manifestly, if the IDF had wanted to kill in the same savage manner as, say, Assad in Syria, the death count would be a lot higher. I wonder if Fredwreck has ever said a damned thing about Arabs slaughtering Arabs.