Freddie Foxxx Launches Motorcycle Club

With a string of albums and guest appearances under his belt, Freddie Foxxx has established himself has a fixture among hardcore Hip-Hop fans.

But the rhyme veteran is making moves to expand the reach of his music and promote his love of riding motorcycles with Krupt Mob, an urban bike club he co-founded with three friends in 2004 to honor the memory of his late brother Taheem.

The tight-knit New York-based collective, which originally launched in Long Island as a rap record label, has established itself as a fixture among area enthusiasts with it’s active participation in the community and promotion of the motorcycle culture.

For Foxxx, Krupt Mob provides an opportunity for coping with the loss of his sibling, as well as a chance to acknowledge his latest passion through what he does best.

"I figured I could bring to the table what I was doing. And I was writing songs," Freddie Foxxx told "My boy Rocky, who was one of the founders, he had told me ‘Yo. It would be a good idea for you probably just to rap about what you doing as far as motorcycles is concerned.’ So I thought it was hot and I started doing it.”

Although motor sports is a longtime passion of Foxxx, it wasn’t until Taheem’s death that the entertainer realized that riding, not music, was what he needed to help him through his dark period.

"I decided I had to find something to do to keep my mind in the right place. Music wasn’t doing it for me.

My music was coming out and if it wasn’t already wild enough, it was coming out even crazier because of my inner feelings with my situation with my brother," Foxxx revealed.

The love for riding poured over into Foxxx’ music as he began to use his motorcycle music to voice what it is like to be a rider.

To date, Foxxx has compiled three albums worth of motorcycle music for fans to hear. The rapper has already begun testing the material by letting motorcycle enthusiasts obtain the first listen.

"When I started to motorcycle music, I was trying to reach the community across the country that rides," he said. "I did motorcycle music. I wrote about that. The speed and the things that can happen if you slip up. It’s clutching and it’s braking. And it’s checking It’s leaning and it’s punching. It’s all types of things going on at one time at a certain speed. Everybody ain’t with that bike s**t."

Despite the content of the music, Foxxx maintains that the difference between motorcycle music and his regular brand of rap are few and far between.

"I make songs about this stuff and I made them sound like regular rap records. So there ain’t nothing special about them other than I’m rapping about motorcycles instead of rapping about shooting somebody in the head or how much money they got or how many cars," explained the rapper. "That kind of s**t is redundant. So I did something different."

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