Freddie Gibbs Announces ESGN Record Label

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs will put on his CEO hat as the head of the new label ESGN.

Freddie Gibbs has launched the ESGN imprint with San Francisco-based Empire Distribution, which will handle the marketing, promotion and distribution of ESGN's releases.

"ESGN is me. If you're in it, you know what it's all about," Freddie Gibbs explained, saying the label was the "full embodiment of what I represent: music, film, fashion and more."

In addition to discovering new talent, ESGN will be involved in a variety of multimedia projects.

"I decided to partner up with Empire Distribution because I like the way they rock," Freddie Gibbs continued. "They make things simple and I like keeping things simple. They allow me to do what I gotta do and help me expand my reach through their various relationships."

ESGN's first official project will be Freddie Gibbs' previously announced mixtape Baby Face Killa, which lands in stores on September 25.

A free Gangsta Grillz version of BFK with DJ Drama will be released along with an untagged deluxe edition on iTunes, with bonus material.