Freddie Gibbs Confirms Joint EP With Curren$y…While Skiing


Rapper Curren$y took to Instagram today (January 4) to confirm some information regarding a joint project with Freddie Gibbs.

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) According to Curren$y, he and Freddie are working on an EP titled “Fetti,” named after their song together of the same title.

Curren$y posted a video featuring Freddie Gibbs on skiing and confirming the joint project.

“Called my homie Gibbs and told him it’s time lets put the EP together,” Curren$y said. “Homie hit the slopes and sent me this hahaha clearly its a green light haha…”fetti” the EP coming in 17″…Spitta and Gibbs that pistol to ya ribs…Peep how cold he is on the skis tho haha that’s commendable.”