Freddie Gibbs Recalls Talking To Logic About The Rapper "Stealing" His Cover Art

"That white boy took that sh*t."

(AllHipHop News) Indiana's Freddie Gibbs is in the process of promoting his new collaborative effort Fetti with The Alchemist and Curren$y. The E$GN spitter spoke about the album with MLTD, and he also reflected on a quarrel over a previous project.

Back in 2017, Logic was accused of ripping off the You Only Live 2wice cover art and album trailer for his Everybody era. The two rappers have since settled the issue, but Gibbs explained to The Grinds TV host Bobby James how the animosity over artwork ended.

"Logic stole that sh*t. We cool though, but you know you took that sh*t, boy," expressed Freddie. "That white boy took that sh*t. It's cool. I seen a n*gga in a restaurant after that. I seen him in Ruth's Chris."

He added, "I said something that minute, that day. I said, 'N*gga, you stole my sh*t'... But I'm not about to go to war with Logic and all his motherf*cking fans. It's all good. I got love for Logic. I like his music."

The Grinds TV interview also featured Freddie Gibbs discussing growing up in Gary, the Flint Water Crisis, creating a project with Madlib, nearly quitting the rap game, political correctness, social media challenges, and more.