Freddie Gibbs Talks Being An Advocate For Men Falsely Accused During #MeToo Era

The rapper was jailed overseas before eventually being found not guilty of sexual assault.

(AllHipHop News) On June 22, Freddie Gibbs released his eponymous project. Freddie is the second full length from the Indiana-raised emcee since he was acquitted of all charges related to sexual abuse allegations in Austria.

During a conversation with Beats 1 host Ebro Darden, Gibbs spoke about what he went through after being called a rapist. The 36-year-old entertainer is ready to be a voice for other men that were in the same situation.

"I always was one that would dog people that was going to get mental health counseling, but I really needed that when I left there," said Freddie. "We're in a time right now with all this Me Too stuff - it's a lot of guys being attacked."

He continued, "So I feel like I got to be an advocate for those people falsely accused as well as the victims that's afraid to speak. I got a daughter. God forbid anybody do anything to her, so I gotta stand on that."

#MeToo highlighted sexual misconduct accusations against high-profile men such as Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, R. Kelly, Russell Simmons, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., and Kevin Spacey. The social movement helped to educate the public about sexual harassment, sexual violence, and rape culture.

There have also been concerns about the "overcorrection" associated with reports about people like Aziz Ansari and Al Franken. Additionally, some critics believe it's troubling that some of the accused were convicted in the court of public opinion without proper due process.

"I had the opportunity to actually go through a trial and prove my innocence. I wasn't put on trial by social media by a lot of these guys. I had scientific evidence that proved that I wasn't even near this person," explained Gibbs. "But with that said, it can be skewed and looked at like 'he got money so he can buy his way out.' Nah, that was definitely not the case."

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