Fredo Santana Hospitalized For Kidney, Liver Failure

Fredo Santana is in the hospital with some serious ailments and they are delaying his upcoming release. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Fredo Santana has been forced to cancel his upcoming mixtape release, due to a serious health incident.

Fredo was hospitalized last night (October 12), and diagnosed with kidney and liver failure.

Although he is recovering, Fredo has been forced to cancel the release and promotion surrounding his new mixtape “Turbo Santana.”

In March, Fredo was hospitalized after suffering a seizure, which he attributed to hard work, and being sleep deprived.

However, many fans continue to speculate that Fredo’s health issues stem from his over-consumption of “Lean.”

Fam ain't even 30. Damn.

Jdd hell yeah.that lean aint cool.

Let just say this is not drug-induced..🤔 what could it be?