Fredo Santana Laid To Rest In Drug, Gun Fueled Funeral

Fredo's associates showed their deceased homie love in the most unusual way.

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rap star Fredo Santana was laid to rest over the weekend.

Fredo died on January 19, after suffering a massive seizure.

Many speculated the 27-year-old's death was caused by his overconsumption of lean, which eventually led to his kidneys and liver failure.

Footage of the program, portions of his funeral and his burial was broadcast on social media.

A variety of Fredo Santana's closest associates, including Chief Keef, were on hand to bury him, in a drug and gun-fueled final tribute to the rap star.

During his funeral procession, one of his associates poured lean on the rapper, while others brandished weapons in Fredo Santana's honor.

Take a look at portions of Fredo Santana's funeral.

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