Fredro Starr Explains 50 Cent Altercation, Joins Smurf & Domination

While Fredro Starr is preparing to star in "Torque," the rapper recently grabbed headlines after getting into a scuffle with 50 Cent at the Vibe Awards."It was an altercation. I can't really speak on that because it's a legal thing," Fredro told "It was an incident that happened between me and Curtis Jackson. Its been a rivalry since he started talking about Sticky Fingaz."Fredro said that Onyx and 50 Cent were both brought up under the guidance of Jam Master Jay. Their relationship turned sour when 50 Cent made comments about Onyx group member Sticky Fingaz."I just think its like a hood beef. He made a comment on Sticky and whatever happens to Sticky, happens to me."Fredro revealed that he has formed a label with Domination and Bang 'Em Smurf, who has been beefing with 50.According to reports, the dispute between Smurf and 50 started when Smurf was incarcerated and 50 refused to bail him out."They not rockin' with the G-Unit any more," Fredro said. "I don't know why, I don't know what the case is, but I feel that Domination has a real talent. We sat down with Smurf and Domination and I am part of their company, Silverback Guerillaz. I want to help them build the (Southside Jamaica, Queens) hood back up."Fredro said the altercation may have roots in his working with Smurf and Domination. "I guess 50 Cent feels that I am choosing sides," Fredro said. "I guess whatever war they got, that I am in their war."Bang 'Em Smurf and Domination have released two mixtapes dissin' 50 Cent and G-Unit.50 Cent was not available for comment.Fredro's latest flick "Torque" is directed by Joseph Khan ("Fast and The Furious" and "XXX") and hits theaters nationwide on January 16th.