Fredro Starr Producing Movie On Jam Master Jay

Onyx group member

Fredro Starr is in the process of producing a movie based on the life story

of his mentor Jam Master Jay, the late DJ for Run-DMC.

The script is being

written with a cousin of Jay’s and according to Starr, Derek Luke, Mekhi

Phifer, Will Smith and Queen Latifah have expressed interest in the movie, which

he hopes to have out as soon as next year.

“JMJ put

me in the game,” Fredro Starr told “The first time

I went to Los Angeles, I was with JMJ. I was gonna do a TV show with Russell

Simmons and Quincy Jones called ‘B-Boys’ when I first got signed

to JMJ records with Onyx. He’s been my mentor from day one.”

With ten years

in Hollywood under his belt, the rapper/actor said he felt the time was right

to move behind the camera.

“I think

this is a good way for me to produce my first movie and a good way for me to

give something back to Hip-Hop, Jay and his family,” Fredro said.

No one has been

arrested or charged for the murder of the legendary DJ, who was gunned down

on October 30 of 2002 in Queens, New York, where both Starr and Sticky Fingaz


Fingaz will also

step behind the camera for what is tentatively titled “Sticky Fingaz Untitled



basically a movie that he (Sticky) wrote and directed and it stars me, Mekhi

Phifer, Omar Epps, Faizon Love aka Big Worm, Melinda Williams, and Mike Williams

from the Wire.

Fredro said that

with the movie, he aimed to unite black Hollywood.


came to do this movie with us and we didn’t have to pay anybody,”

Fredro continued. “Mekhi did it for the love. Omar did it for the love.

We just wanted to show the studios that we can make a film without going thru

the politics being in Black Hollywood, it’s gonna be the hottest movie


Fredro said the

flick is based on two friends from the neighborhood trying to survive and find

away out of their impoverished living conditions.


in the movie is rapping,” Fredro explained. “We came out of our

pocket to shoot the first few scenes then Lions Gate Films picked it up so it’s

going to come out early next year. To me it’s the rap version of “City

of God,” There’s a lot of shooting and a lot of nudity. It’s

real raw.”