Freekey Zeekey Shooter Convicted

The man who shot

Freekey Zeekey and helped kill an associate was convicted yesterday in a New

York court.

Chauncey Dillon,

30, was found guilty of assault, attempted robbery, gun charges and second-degree

murder. Zeekey’s associate Eric Mangrum was killed in the shootout.

Dillon faces 25

years to life.

Prosecutors in

the case argued that robbery was the motive after a minor fender bender escalated

into a shootout in April of 2003.

While Zeekey testified

during the trial, he never identified Dillon as the shooter. He did say he believed

he was shot by a man wearing a green jacket.

Prosecutors produced

a video of Dillon and some associates, who were taped the day of the shooting.

Dillon was wearing a green jacket.

Dillon had argued

that he was attempting to break the escalating altercation up, but a videotape

that captured part of the shooting helped seal his fate.

Two other men are

awaiting trial.

In a jailhouse

interview, Zeekey revealed that he would take care of Mangrum’s daughter.

Mangrum had celebrated his daughter’s birthday shortly before he was gunned


“The one

thing I would take back is having my man E [Eric Mangrum] in the wrong place

at the wrong time, which led to his last day,” Zeekey told

“Shout out to his daughter, when I get out, I got you. Wish it could have

been sooner, don’t worry the Lord works in mysterious easy, Lil Mama.

Plus everything happens for a reason. Everything else I would leave the same,

the trials and tribulations I’ve been through didn’t do anything,

but make me stronger.”

Zeekey himself

is currently incarcerated, serving three years on an unrelated charge.

The rapper is working

on an album and movie, which he authored.