Freeway Chimes In On Jay-Z / Beans Beef

Freeway has remained quiet as his long-term friend Beanie Sigel has waged war against Jay-Z, but now the Philadelphia rapper breaks his silence in a song “Love Is A Battlefield.”

The song, which samples the famous Pat Benatar song of the same name, avoids taking sides, but offers plenty commentary.

“And I ain't sayin n****s left us in the hood though/ We ate our little food, did the dishes, cleaned the plates up/ You was eatin steak while we was eatin’ Steak-umm/ But I never complained, backed you up and tipped the waiter,” Freeway raps, seemingly referring to Jay-Z.

Freeway is no longer a signed artist with Roc-A-Fella and now has an affiliation with Cash Money Records. He’s maintained a friendship with Beanie Sigel.

“All the people want me to get into detail/ Bout Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel/ We shall proceed/ Wanna know if I rhyme with Beanie/ Or if I got feelings on the D L/ We shall, see/ On The Stimulus Package/ When I drop it February 16/ This is how the sh*t be/ The game is to be sold not told.”

Freeway has continuously put out new material as an independent artists, but theorized a different, now unattainable reality, in “Love Is A Battlefield.”

“What if the brothers never broke up and foul words was never spoke up/ Would that diamond still stay up?/ Wait up/ What if half these n*ggas wasn't imaginary playa's, would yall n*ggas notice?”

Freeway will discuss the song and other matters on his live chat on Monday December 7.