Freeway Opens Rim Shop In Philly

Roc-A-Fella rapper

Freeway didn’t get his name from walking up and down inner-city blocks.

And, now the Philadelphia native has opened a new, high-end rim & accessory

shop in his neighborhood to flex his entrepreneurial skills and his love of cars.

“I’m getting my corporate up, just grinding. I opened a rim shop called

Philadelphia Freeway Custom Motor Sports,” Freeway told with

an uncharacteristic grin. “I’ll take you riding. I got a couple things

going on.”

Those other things include the purchase of property, but the

rapper said the funds he made from recording helped him satisfy his desire to


“Money made me get into [rims] and I like cars. You know,

Philadelphia Freeway – riding,” he said stressing his rap name.

“I got all kinds of cars, you know. I got hoopies and I got sporty rides.

I got the car off the original album cover and cleaned it up.”

While his latest venture is in its infancy, Freeway said the

money is creeping in. “It just opened, but its making revenue. Anybody

in Philly, it’s on 60th and Woodland.”

The Sunni Muslim rapper said that he was about to put his energies

into promoting and pushing his other passion, Hip-Hop.

“I been grinding to put this album together. It’s

going to be real big,” he said of Free At Last, his sophomore


The album is due on July 11 on Def Jam/ Roc-A-Fella.