Freeway Prepares To Debut New Group Ice City

Philadelphia bred MC Freeway struck national fame with his Roc-A-Fella cohorts and now the rapper is preparing to bring out his own crew, Ice City.Named after an area in Philadelphia that stretches several blocks, the crew is preparing their untitled debut release."It's me and my n*ggas I grew up with," Freeway told "Ice City is a part of Philly near 7th & Montgomery and 7th & Cecil B. Moore (streets). I got down with the Roc and I knew the whole time I was going to bring them up."Ice City group members include Peedi Crack, Hydro, Face Money, Bars and Indie 500.All met Freeway long before the rapper had a major recording deal."Free knew someone who knew me and we started rapping over the phone," Face Money said. "I was doing my thing, he was doing his thing and we went to the studio and ever since then we been riding."The group members have accompanied Freeway on every tour the rapper has embarked on, traversing the country."We did all the tours with Freeway," Hydro added. "The road is fun. It's a good experience and you see a lot of sh*t that you don't get to see in the hood."The group is expecting the album to do well and has already built up a buzz, hitting the mixtape circuit hard."The album is going to do good," Freeway continued. "None of us sound the same and we all got our own styles. Plus the album has a little bit for everyone. We got some street sh*t, some R&B sh*t, the sh*t is crazy."Beanie Sigel and Joe Budden make appearances on the album, which drops in May on Sure Shot Recordings.