Freeway Ricky Ross Turns 50; Continues To Engage Youth

(AllHipHop News) Convicted drug lord “Freeway” Ricky Ross will celebrate his 50th birthday tomorrow (January 29th) and he has vowed to continue to educate youth about the perils of drugs and gang culture.

Ross served over 20-plus years in prison for running a massive crack-cocaine operation that was grossing almost $3 million dollars per week.

He was also catapulted to international infamy, when the San Jose Mercury Times exposed a link between Ross’ suppliers and the CIA, DEA, which lead to the Iran-Contra scandal.

Now, Ross spends his time reaching out to youngsters who might glorify the previous life he lead, which took two-decades from his life, in addition to acknowledging that his actions helped destroy his own community.

"We have to stress early the importance of leadership, finances, credit, entrepreneurship, and an improved vocabulary,” a reformed Freeway Ricky Ross told “Becoming an active mentor is the first step to everything in this process."

Freeway Ricky Ross is currently traveling the country for speaking engagements with organizations like Unity One, Amer-I-Can, Hip Hop Detox and his own non-profit, The Freeway Foundation.

Ross, who was released from Texarkana Prison in early 2009, will celebrate his 50th birthday at Westside Stages in Los Angeles, California.