French President's Son Producing Hip-Hop

In an ironic twist of fate, it has been revealed that French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s eldest son produces Hip-Hop music.

Pierre Sarkozy produces under the name DJ Mosey with Da Crime Chantilly, a group of producers who have worked with a variety of French artists.

According to Sarkozy’s Myspace page where he is pictured with American super producer Timbaland, the collective also produced a track titled "Freestyle" for Mississippi rapper David Banner.

The news of Sarkozy’s involvement with Hip-Hop is of note, because of his father Nicolas Sarkozy and his crusade against Hip-Hop music over the past several years in the country.

In 2003, before Sarkozy became President, he brought a criminal cases against various rappers, including the Hip-Hop group Sniper, who called France a "b**ch" in their song "La France."

The case and similar cases against the rappers were eventually thrown out of court, but the moves cost Sarkozy to lose popularity amongst youth in France.

In 2006 when Sarkozy was campaigning for President, he was photographed with popular French rapper Doc Gyneco, who announced support for Sarkozy's bid for President.

The move the angered right-wing politicians and police unions, as well as various members of the Hip-Hop community in France.

Doc Gyneco’s (short for Dr. Gynecologist) lyrics shocked conservatives in France in the 1990’s.

His album Viens Voir le Docteur[Come and See the Doctor] moved over 500,000 copies, while his follow up album Première Consultation moved almost a million copies.

The award-winning French rapper, who has worked with American artists like Daz Dillinger and The RZA, even published a book that supported Sarkozy.

Backlash for the rapper's support of Sarkozy came shortly afterwards, when he was booed of the stage in August of 2007, during a summer festival in Geneva.

The crowd also pelted Gyneco will beer bottles and other projectiles, before several men were subdued and arrested for their role in the melee.

Sarkozy’s Hip-Hop producing son Pierre is one of two sons from a previous marriage.

According to reports, Pierre has been moonlighting as a Hip-Hop producer for at least five years and along with Da Crime Chantilly, produced the theme music of the TV show Rayon X.

President Sarkozy’s support is also starting to wane in France, as newspapers report the excesses of his private life, as he prepares to wed former supermodel Carla Bruni.