French Rap Stars Brawl Inside Of Airport, Shut Down Terminal And Delay Flights

AllHipHop Staff

Rappers Booba, Kaaris and their entourages went crazy inside of a major airport in France.

(AllHipHop News) Dozens of international flights were delayed today, and all of the frustration was caused by two warring hip-hop groups.

Popular French rapper Booba and his entourage ran across rival rapper Kaaris inside of Paris' Orly Airport today.

The rappers were once associates who collaborated on a number of tracks, but their brewing beef finally exploded today inside of the airport

Booba, Kaaris and their crews were on the way to Barcelona when they ran across each other.

A huge brawl soon erupted and an entire terminal was closed as dozens of men fought each other near a duty-free shop, smashing mirrors and products as they fought to get their hands on each other.

In total, 13 have been arrested for participating in the fight.

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at least no weapons, just normal fight