Friday Fashion Feature: "Brand Profile: The Loots"

AllHipHop Staff

The Loots was launched in 2006 by Aaron Whatton and Lee Wilkie.


The duo once worked for Mark Ecko Enterprises and designed for brands like Akademiks, Mecca, and Stash House.

Using various pop culture references, the New York based brand boasts bold tees jackets, hats and more.

The Loots is also an international hit, especially in Asian countries like Japan and Hong Kong.

Like Butter Tee by The Loots

Kiki recently visited The Loots showroom and got a sneak peak of their upcoming collection, as well as an exclusive interview with co-founder Lee Wilkie.

Check out the interview below where Lee discusses the meaning behind The Loots' name, provides advice for budding designers and more.'s Kiki and EMitts with The Loots' Lee Wilkie What's is the meaning behind the name of your brand, "The Loots"?

Lee: The name “The Loots” stems from it’s literal definition which is anything taken by deception or a collection of valuable objects. On your site, it mentions that you draw inspiration from various musicians, painters and more. Who are some of the most influential artists to you?

Lee: We collectively have a very broad range of artists that inspire us, but definitely Ralph Lauren, our friends at Wu-Tang, Frank Lloyd Wright, TheCohen Brothers, Will Ferrell, The Neptunes...the list goes on. How is the brand persevering in this economy?

Lee: We are making more specific items that move even when people can't spend like the used to. Tees are always a staple, and we're focusing on accessories like hats and belts. What do you think differentiates The Loots from the many other streetwear brands out there now and coming up?

Lee: Well we are a lifestyle inspired brand that truly reflect the essence of what we do. We digest all the cultural moves and trends we see and use them to make relevant and innovative pieces that make people say "Damn!". We also make music and art with some of the world's most interesting people, which contributes highly to our swag! Any tips for kids who are interested in starting their own clothing line?

Lee: Yeah, wait a few years before you go starting the next BAPE out of your mom’s pantry. A lot of the big dogs in the industry are falling hard so it's evening out the playing field for newcomers. But as far as starting anything new, I would seriously wait and see who is still around when the smoke clears to get an idea of what products are going to work. Any new exciting news, events or collaborations coming up?

Lee: We are constantly blessing artists like Cam’ron, Fabolous, The GS Boys, The Pack, Prodigy, and more for up coming videos and interviews. We also have a new collab with New Era for our Fall 09’ collection, as well as a headphone collab with Aerial 7.

Prodigy in The Loots  What is the concept behind your spring 09 collection?

Lee: Our spring/summer collection is loosely based on vintage sports and movies from the 80s and 90s. The subject matter is sprinkled with everything from toys to Spike Lee movies.

Stay tuned for new gear from The Loots, and check out some of the goods currently in stock on

MJ Tee by The Loots

Hover Tee (Glow in the Dark) by The Loots

The Good Kush Tee by The Loots