Friday Fashion Feature: Do You Like Your Denim Raw?

AllHipHop Staff

There is nothing like a pair of fresh raw denim jeans.

They might be a little stiffer than soft vintage denim, but they have that new crisp look that automatically cleans up a casual outfit.

Mos Def in Too Black Guys

Where does raw (or dry) denim get its name?

It is denim fabric that is unwashed after being dyed. Unlike denim that is washed and preshrunk to provide a distressed or vintage look, raw denim is harder and you might not be able to fit back into it once you wash it!

Essential Crossed Knives Flap Denim by Artful Dodger

It is common for raw denim owners to not wash their jeans at all - they want to preserve that solid dark look and stiffness. Apparently, some raw denim lovers even go as far as sticking their jeans in the freezer to get rid of odors instead of throwing them in the laundry, which may make the dye bleed. When they're unbearably funky, dry clean them.


The denim will eventually start fading and softening, but after it has been influenced by the way you move and the shape of your body. The end result is a customized, natural fit.

Here's a hot fall look with a pair of raw Sabit jeans - get it from!

Flannel Woven Shirt by Mighty Healthy

Gravel Pit Vest by LRG

Slim Selvage Jean by Sabit

Gore-Tex Field Boot by Timberland

Are you a fan? What's your favorite pair of raw jeans?

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