Friday Fashion Feature: Get To Know Lee Charm

AllHipHop Staff

Once a church choir boy, Lee Charm is out to make his mark in the R&B world.

The 21 year-old New Jersey native just released his debut EP,Prince Charming, having received over 2 million plays on his MySpace page.

Mr. Charm had been working on the project with Musaic and Legend Factory since June 2009, which includes his hit singles "Detox", and "Go".

Lee Charm

The independent artist/model has shared the stage with T.I., Ciara and Sean Paul, and has been dubbed as one of R&B's up-and-coming sensations.

He will also surely be a hit with the ladies in the heart throb department which is always good!

With votes of confidence from various media outlets, we want to know if he has yours.

Kiki got a chance to speak with Lee Charm about his musical influences, future goals, and one of his (and's) favorite brands, Rocksmith.

Check it out: With your love of music stemming from the church, how did you break into the R&B music industry?

Lee Charm: "I auditioned for an R&B group and received a call back. From there we would meet at least twice a week, but things didn’t work out so I kept it moving as a solo act. I started networking and doing open mics by myself, putting the word out about Lee Charm." Who are your biggest musical influences?

Lee Charm: "I would say Dietrick Haddon, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Timbaland. They influence me because they do things outside the box. They inspire me to be myself through my music". What can we expect from your debut EP, Prince Charming?

Lee Charm: "Everything! I went everywhere in music from Pop to R&B and even a touch of Rock on some tracks. This project is all about emotions we feel day to day, it speaks on things that are a part of my life, especially songs like 'Best of Me' and 'Detox'." You were recently featured on Rocksmith's site, one of's hottest street brands. Are you a fan of the brand? Will these shots be used in your new album cover?

Lee Charm: "Yes indeed, I am a huge fan! Quick shout-out to Keishell James, the stylist who first put me on to Rocksmith. I love their new line and would definitely like to wear more. And yes the shots will be a part of a collection used for my limited edition album artwork."

Lee Charm in Rocksmith's Moonwalker Windbreaker

Lee Charm in Rocksmith's Slash Windbreaker What are some of your favorite clothing brands?

Lee Charm: "Rocksmith, Sabit, Mishka...and anything else that catches my eye".

Tanoshirde Tee by Sabit

Lo Neck Crew Neck Sweatshirt by Rocksmith Do you model as a hobby? How did you get into it?

Lee Charm: Yes I started out by taking a few shot's for fun then it grew to being asked to do full out photo shoots and more. I've done print work for brands such as Mishka, Southpole and Riddem Driven.

Dreddy Rock Steady Tee by Riddem Driven Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Lee Charm: Successful, famous, blessed and happy! But the most important thing to me is just being happy and having my message come across through my music.

Check out his single "Detox" below, and click HERE for the full Prince Charming EP.