Friday Fashion Feature: Meet Miguel Perdomo, the new face of Sean John

AllHipHop Staff

Known as"the first Dominican Male Supermodel", Miguel Perdomo sort of "fell into" modeling about five years ago.

Miguel Perdomo

After repeatedly being stopped and asked whether he was a model, he decided to try his hand at it.

Chris Collins, a Ralph Lauren model and friend of Miguel's, helped the aspiring model get his foot in the door by walking the runway at aPhat Farm show.

The rest is history. Since then, the Paterson, NJ native has had constant work for brands like COOGI, Calvin Klein, AZZURE and more.

Azzure got Miguel's face on nationwide billboards and publications, which lead to his increased popularity.

Eventually, Sean John expressed interest in the aspiring model. Diddy met with Miguel himself and signed him on.

He has since been referred to as the "face of Sean John", being one of the brand's top models. He was in their ad campaigns for the past two years, and is currently working on the 2009 fall campaign.

Miguel also spends time participating in various charitable organizations, such as lending a hand to youth at his local YMCA, and contributing to the "Dominican Tornado Relief".

Find out more about Miguel Perdomo below, such as his style turn-ons and turn-offs, as well as tips for our male readers on how to dress! What career could you see yourself in if it wasn't modeling?

Miguel: I would be a graphic designer. As we speak, that's what I'm working towards, so when I'm done modeling, I will be very much involved in graphic design. I'm also currently working on my own t-shirt line. You've mentioned that you're grateful for being one of the key faces of Sean John since you're a fan of the line. What other brands are you into?

Miguel: I'm into a lot of brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Public School, KAWS, Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream and my new favorite Play Cloth. I like underground brands much more than mainstream ones. I appreciate the passion that goes behind them, as opposed to a shirt that just says "GUCCI!". I'm a graphic head, so I need some creativeness to my clothes!

Play Cloth Spring 2009

Miguel: Well, I have a lot of different looks that I rock. I can be corporate, casual, collegiate...but my overall favorite has to be Pharrell. He dresses like he doesn't try hard. He's random with his style, I love that! I also like Fonzworth Bentley's style. - I love his style as well as Andre 3000'sbecause they're not scared to be all over the board. A lot of dudes can't pull that off! My favorite designer and the person I look up to is Tom Ford. Just clean, sleek, and clever; my favorite style. Like James Bond. What are your top three wardrobe essentials for summer 2009?

Miguel: My top accessories are definitely my Dolce & Gabbana or DITAS shades, G-Shock watch and bucket fedora hat.

G-Shock G-Force Glide Military Watch by Casio Can you give our male readers a few of your personal style tips?

Miguel: My personal tip on how to dress is to basically be yourself and be comfortable with your style. You have to feel your outfit. There's a lot of men who are insecure with their personal style. If you don't feel right in it then its not for you. I'm my own personal stylist, so before I leave my house I have to feel very secure about what I'm wearing. Fashion is your personal expression, that's how I see it. Tom Ford actually said it the best - Always dress like you came from somewhere important! With you having many female fans, we would like to know what your biggest turnoff is in terms of a woman's personal style?

Miguel: If a woman can't dress in 2009 I don't know what to tell her! She has to know all the essentials. I love a woman who doesn't wear a lot of make-up. She has to be classy and have that sexiness about her without being raunchy. I hate when women smoke too, that's a big turn off. I see smokers and just imagine what their lungs look like! I'm very much single and just waiting for "her" to arrive! So let's just say I may be single for a long time!

See some of the latest from the brand that ignited Miguel's career - Sean John. The brand introduced colorful and witty graphics in their summer 09 collection:

Monroe Tee by Sean John

Hamilton Jean by Sean John

Future is Black Tee by Sean John