Friday Fashion Feature: Out With The Matchy-Matchy Look!

AllHipHop Staff

Gone are the days where you would precisely match the shade of blue on your Nikekicks to a graphic tee andNew Erafitted.

It looks very planned, and sometimes clownish.

Speaking of clownish, a perfect example is the above image of T-Pain. He's doing too much with the patent leather kicks, matching blue tee and then the G-Shock watch to match the tee's graphic.


Come on Lil Wayne...

Lil Wayne really didn't need to look like a walking yellowAdidas billboard here.

While some may consider this color coordinating, I simply call it O.D. It seems there is a misconception that there's more skill involved with hooking up an outfit like his, while it's really quite easy (as long as you are not color blind).

Not saying you should clash (although sometimes that works too) it's more about being classy and subtle, adding a splash of color here and there.

Kid Cudi - that's more like it!

As another visual example, just because you're wearing these bright red KangaROOS kicks, it does not mean red clothing and accessories need to follow.

Classic Vintage by KangaROOS

Try this grown and sexy look instead:

Grass Roots Leather Jacket by LRG

Seeing Green Tee by LRG

Timeout Scoreboard by Flud Watches

Washington Jean by Money Clothing

To match or not match - what are your thoughts on this?

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