Friday Fashion Feature: Style Faceoff: Nas & Jay-Z

AllHipHop Staff

Many have argued on who is the better rapper between hip hop stars Jay-Z and Nas, but we are here to compare the two gentlemen in a different light - their fashion sense.

Although they have adopted newer skate/streetwear brands like Play Cloths and BAPE, both rappers have managed to maintain that old school hip hop style...

Jay-Z and Nas

Basically, Nas and Jay have not succumbed to skinny jeans! They still rock their gear slightly baggy, and keep it cool with basic tees, hoodies, black leather jackets, etc.

Let's start with Jay. He sticks to white or dark shades like black, grey, and navy in tees, vests, sunglasses, kicks and more.

With the rugged American work wear look coming back - think Timbs, baggier jeans, double denim - Jay is right on. He may not have put this look together with current fashion trends on the brain, but nevertheless, he is very trend-right!

He's also been wearing grown up cardigans, crisp raw denim, a whole lot of white tees, and he stays in his New Era Yankee fitted. Some of the brands we've noticed on him? Crooks & Castles, Radii, Reebok, Maison Martin Margiela, and of course his own line Rocawear.

Recently, Jay went through the anti-haircut phase right around the time we spotted him wearing these specs:

Jay doesn't O.D. on jewelry, although we know very well he is one rapper who could definitely afford to do so! He usually rocks a subtle gold chain or his black Jesus chain.

(Jay-Z is in the High Society Tee by Crooks & Castles - click HERE to buy it)

When its time to get down to business, or the red carpet, Jays knows how to get dapper. He wears modern tailored suits by high fashion designers like Armani, making sure his shoe game is right too. Speaking of being dapper...who cleans up nicer, Nas or Jay?

Whereas Jay keeps his style very simple and clean, Nas is obviously more about making a statement with his apparel. Majority of the time we've spotted him, he's been in pretty cool and basic pieces like woven shirts, white tees, hoodies, etc.

We've heard him shout out Crooks & Castles, and he's collaborated with Fila and Alife. Most recently we saw him perform in Montcler and Champion.

(Nas is in the Super Crew Neck Sweatshirt by Champion - click HERE to buy it!)

But then there were looks like these, which hopefully have been retired:

Nas' colorful ex-wife Kelis is seen here matching his sometimes risk-taking style, while Jay-Z's wife Beyoncé, pictured just below, is very much like him when it comes to fashion - she tends to play it safe.

So which rapper takes the cake in the style department: Nas or Jay-Z? Vote and comment below!