Friday Fashion Feature: Trend Alert: The Harem Pant

AllHipHop Staff

The harem pant may be better known as the updated "MC Hammer pant".

This baggy fit is a notable trend this summer, in fabrics like satin, fleece, linen and more. They are characterized by having loose fabric at the crotch, thighs and behind, then usually getting tighter towards the calves.

Obviously one great feature is that they are comfortable - but can you pull off the look?

Jennifer Lopez rocks harem pants

The best way to wear these is with a fitted top to stay away from looking like one big parachute, or in these type of jumper forms:

Off the Shoulder Cat Suit by Love MoschinoHarem Jumper by Baby Phat

Also, pick a shape and fabric that drapes nicely and flatters your behind, because these pants can exaggerate that area in an undesirable way.

Although she looks beautiful, Jennifer Hudson did not pick the best fit with these pants

If you're a bit wary about this trend, you could try a subtle version like these:

High Waist Harem Short by Baby Phat

Ladies, have you been rocking harem pants, or can you see yourself giving them a shot?

Main Image: Hellooo Gorgeous