Friday Fashion Feature: What is Selvedge Denim?

AllHipHop Staff

What makes a selvedge jean unique from the common jean? As you can see in the below images, selvedge denim has a clean, natural edge that does not unravel. You can see the actual edge of the fabric where the weaving stops and is finished by a shuttle loom. Common denim is woven on a projectile loom, where the fabric gets cut off at the ends.

Grass Roots Two Selvedge True Straight Fit Jean by LRG The process involved with creating a selvedge jean is more time consuming, resulting in denim of a tighter weave and heavier, durable fabric. Because of this, and the fact that the edges can't fray, selvedge denim is considered high quality denim.

Selvedge denim by Cheap Monday Shuttle looms create a narrower amount of fabric than projectile looms, therefore more fabric is required to make selvedge jeans. Most selvedge jeans today are dyed with synthetic indigo, but some premium brands use natural indigo dye, like denim master Evisu. The old shuttle style looms were replaced with modern projectile looms when the demand for denim increased in the 1950's. The new looms produce fabric faster and wider, but lighter weight and less durable. So now you know why you fork over that extra cash for a premium selvedge jean! What is your absolute favorite jean? Is it a classic pair of Levi's, premium selvedge denim by Evisu, or good ol' baggy Rocawear jeans?Let us know which jean or brand fits your body the best! Check out some our great denim selection on and, including selvedge denim:

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Slim Jim Selvedge by Nudie Jeans Source: WikipediaSlim Jim Selvedge by Nudie Jeans Source: Wikipedia