Frosty Freeze Passes; Crazy Legs Speaks

Hip-Hop is mourning the passing of another legend today, as news spreads of the passing of pioneer B-Boy Frosty Freeze, who died yesterday (April 3) at the age of 44.

The former Rock Steady Crew vice-president died in Manhattan following a prolonged illness.

Hospitalized at Mount Sinai Medical Center since March 27, Frosty, born Wayne Frost, was on life support during the last three days of his life, though details of his medical battle remained unclear.

“Frosty was never one to speak about his weaknesses,” Rock Steady Crew president Crazy Legs told, who last saw his close childhood friend on April 1. “So even when it came down to that, he never really came straight out and said, ‘Hey, this is what’s wrong with me.’ When I was in the hospital, the doctors were running tests to see what was wrong with him. He definitely had pneumonia in his lungs. But until I speak to his family and they tell me the exact details of his passing, I can’t really comment on it.”

Crazy Legs was clearly emotional over the passing of his long time friend and influential dancer.

“Within Hip-Hop, Frosty represents one of the last representations of what original B-Boy style was when the dance first started,” Crazy Legs told

Frosty Freeze joined the Rock Steady Crew in the early 1980s, at a time when breakdancing remained a phenomenon almost exclusive to New York City.

Known for his acrobatic style and comic sensibilities, he rapidly became a key member of the seminal B-Boy organization, responsible for bringing new elements to the culture, while pushing the awareness of the movement along.

“He wasn’t even the one that got the major fame for Beat Street or anything like that, he wasn’t in those movies…but the impact that Frosty had was so strong as far as who he was able to bring in, as members of Rock Steady Crew. Rock Steady was passed on to me, but Frosty was probably, more than anyone else, the biggest help in terms of helping to save this dance…the first time B-Boying was presented on any platform as an art form, and presenting it as a part of Hip-Hop culture, Frosty was there. And Frosty was the first B-Boy to appear on the cover of any publication, when he came out on the cover of the Village Voice right before we were gonna do a show called Graffiti Rock that Henry Chalfant had put on.”

Though funeral arrangements have yet to be confirmed, Crazy Legs expects the services to be held as early as Tuesday.

Once confirmed, however, the details will be made available to fans via the general chat area of the forum at

Fans visiting the site can also find a gallery featuring photographs of Frosty Freeze’s early performances.

He will also be celebrated in grand fashion at the Rock Steady Crew’s 31st Anniversary, set to take place in New York July 24-27.

“Right now, I’d rather focus on the services that have to go down and deal with all that stuff,” added Crazy Legs. “But those who know me well know that when it’s time to do something, I’m gonna pick the biggest spotlight to shine on Frosty.”