Funding For Hip-Hop Museum In The Bronx Frozen


Bloomberg administration has announced that it is immediately stopping the disbursement

of funds to a Bronx, NY non-profit firm that was building a Hip-Hop museum, due

to an unsatisfactory audit performance.The

Northeast Bronx Redevelopment Corp., which recently received a $4.5 million grant

from the city council for construction of a multi-use building that would include

the Hip-Hop museum, was barred from receiving $335,000 of a separate $355,000

grant approved in June because of the red-flagging of the group’s Vendex


money is frozen," a city official told the New York Post. The

Vendex form is a financial background questionnaire every city contractor is required

to fill out prior to construction of new buildings. The

Northeast Bronx group had their Vendex form rejected after an audit of the company

was completed last week, preventing them to receive any further contracts for

building purposes.Brad

Maione, a spokesman for state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, said the last filing

on record for the group was completed in 1997, and no other tax forms had been

filed since then, almost a decade ago.