Funk Flex Strikes Car Deal

Funkmaster Flex has announced a new partnership with Lincoln Mercury to The DJ and radio personality will be creating a Team Baurtwell Edition of the 2003 Navigator. The Custom SUV will be distributed by the Staten Island, New York Dana Lincoln-Mercury dealership starting spring 2003.

"I've done customizing in wheels for people like Puffy, Bubba Sparxxx, Ludacris, DMX and one distributor is distributing it to all the Lincoln Mercury dealers," he said to "They are going to manufacture it and give it to people nationwide. It's a limited editon."

Flex said a mere 2,000 special editions of this SUV would be made for those ballers who can afford the price. "It sells for $81,000," Flex said.

While there are only 2,000 SUVs created, Flex said the vehicle will be marketed and promoted like any product, through magazine ads, television commercials and other traditional media outlets.

Flex said his infatuation with cars is a love may run in the genes, as his dad was a car aficionado.

"My dad had a '72 Cutlass and I always liked it. Why? I just really liked it and that was a muscle car back then. I think that kind of [fostered] my love for cars," he admitted. "I have muscle cars, trucks, stuff like that."

"Cars that I do for other people, I do it myself - not the actual labor," he admitted, "but I find the parts, discuss their needs. I enjoy doing it."

Still, Flex said he wouldn't be straying too far from his job as a radio personality, DJ and Hot 97 bomb dropper. In addition, he said he intends to drop another mixtape-style compilation album.

"What it is, I am very focused on the music, same thing with the radio and stuff. But I have been fortunate enough to get into the cars," he said "It seems like I've developed a niche between the car shows."

"But, I can do both," he continued.