Funkmaster Flex Says Its Too Late For Drake To Reply To Pusha T

Flex has declared Pusha T the winner in an epic battle with Drake.

(AllHipHop News) DJ Funkmaster Flex has declared Pusha T the winner of a recent battle that saw the two rappers explode with angry, personal verses on their diss records.

Drake dropped "Duppy Freestyle" in response to Pusha T's single "Infrared" from his new album Daytona.

Pusha took things up a notch with "The Story of Adidon," which included shocking artwork featuring Drake in blackface.

While Drake never responded lyrically, the diss track's artwork must have caused havoc in his life, because he was forced to release a statement clarifying the repulsive artwork.

But a diss record clapping back at Pusha T never materialized. And it may never happen, after Drake's mentor and Hip-Hop OG James "J. Prince" made a call and told the Toronto rapper not to reply.

According to Funk Flex, who premiered "The Story Of Adidon" on Hot 97 last week, says Pusha is the undisputed winner, no matter what Drake decided to do.

"I listen to Jprince words.. and I do understand that this battle of words on both Pusha and Drakes part may seem harsh, but there is no such thing as 'Crossing lines' in today’s social media," Funkmaster Flex reasoned. "'Infrared' was great, 'Duppy Freestyle' was great (and took it up a notch and was a swift 12 hour response ), 'Story Of Adidon' was great! (And took it up a few notches more) !!!!"

Funkmaster Flex also gave Drake some big props after years of beef and bad blood with "The 6 God."

"I respect Drake for getting into the trenches! (Cause he could of blew it off!) but with no response in over a week and Jprince stepping in with a statement this Lyrical exchange is over... Pusha bars has forced Drake to not come out for the last round... I’m sure Drake will give us very interesting shots on his album... but that doesn’t count for this exchange! Pusha is the winner in this exchange! Period! I don’t think there’s 2 artists who could of done this battle better! We have seen something great for the 'Bars' book!"