Future A No Show In Child Support Case

AllHipHop Staff

Rap star Future missed another hearing related to his alleged child Legend, and now he will be forced to take a DNA test.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Future was a no-show in a child support lawsuit yesterday (January 17th).

The rapper was supposed to appear in court in Corpus Christi on Friday to address claims he fathered a child with a woman named Cindy Parker.

Kim Frost, a local attorney representing Parker said that she never expected Future to show up since he was never served.

Frost represents Parker, who alleges that Future is her son Legend's father.

Parker, who filed the lawsuit in October when she was 18, is trying to get FUture to take a DNA test.

But Frost said Future has avoided being served over the lawsuit.

There is also another woman named Eliza Reign in Florida who is claiming to have Future’s baby. According to Frost, the DNA of the two children is related.

Frost said that since so far she has not been able to reach Future directly, the judge has allowed her to serve his local attorney John Flood.

After Mr. Flood is served with the notice of an order signed by the judge, Future will have 20 days to file an ‘answer’ after which it is mediation or a hearing.

According to Frost, Future will then be required to produce a DNA test within 20 days.

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Future is real messy. SMH... Take a guess how this all will end up long-term. I would be surprised if he has a lengthy career; so how the heck is he gonna take care of all these kids for the next 18 to 22 years (If they go to college)?


He just fired his local attorney before he was served 😂😂😂