Future Claims Eliza Reign Is Trying To Make Money Off His Name In War Over Baby

Fatima Barrie

Future claims the woman alleging he’s the father of her child is using his name for fame.

(AllHipHop News) Future has had enough of his alleged baby mother and her antics.

According to TMZ, Future believes Eliza Seraphin, the woman claiming that he’s the father of her daughter, is trying to "to garner the attention of his fans for herself.”

Documents obtained by the publication state that Eliza aka Eliza Reign, is claiming Future is her child’s father to gain attention and drive traffic to her online boutique store.

The rapper claims that Eliza has “led a campaign of disparagement against" him to promote herself.

Future says she is not only profiting off his name but is also receiving nightclub hosting opportunities.

Eliza filed a paternity case against Future last year, which led to the rapper to sue her for “defamation and invasion of privacy.”

Future is currently rumored to be dating Steve Harvey’s daughter and socialite Lori Harvey. 

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