Future Planning Merch Line Inspired By Hit Video "Life Is Good"

AllHipHop Staff

Future just dropped limited run if merch based on the jobs they hold in their video "Life Is Good."

(AllHipHop News) Future is already cashing in on his new project with Drake called "Life Is Good."

The rapper is selling merchandise inspired by the various jobs the pair hold down in their hilarious video "Life Is Good."

In the video for "Life Is Good," Future and Drake haul trash for a company called "Wasted," hawk cell-phones, play mechanics and work at a fast-food joint called "Hotlanta."

Limited-edition items up for sale include The "Hotlanta" tee-shirt featured in the video, hoodies, a collectible cassette tape, and even some vinyl, including 250 of which are signed by Future himself.

Reps confirmed Future he is also working on a work-wear line of merchandise inspired by "Life Is Good."

Items can be purchased at shoplifeisgood.com.

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