Future's Alleged Baby Mama Wants Breathtaking Amount Of Money Each Month

Kershaw St. Jawnson

A Florida judge is making Future turn over his financial records and also take a DNA test to settle for once and for all, whether or not he is the father of Eliza Reign’s daughter.

(AllHipHop News) Future has been told by a Florida judge to turn over his financial records and also take a DNA test to settle for once and for all whether or not he fathered Eliza Reign’s daughter.

He has done neither, and for good cause.

If he is proven to be the father, he might have to pay a hefty price to take care of his alleged daughter. who is now almost one-year-old.

Eliza has been suing the rapper for months after giving birth to the little girl. Nasty and contentious, the two have said some of the worst things about each other in the court — and in the media.

Eliza has presented Future as a deadbeat dad and an all-around cruel man.

Future has painted Eliza as a gold digger, who plotted on him because he was a celebrity.

Eliza Reign is reportedly asking for her former lover to shell out $53,000 in child support based on the public assertion of Forbes that he is $19.5 million.

It is important to note that according to court records, Future (despite his wealth) has suggested that $450 a month is all that he believes this child needs to live.

Now you see why the rapper’s financial records are important.

The Atlanta rapper doesn’t want to turn all of the requested documents over because he claims that they might get leaked to the public. 

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Why do she think she entitled to 53,000? She don't need that much money to support 1 child. She want that money for herself, vacations, nails, hair, fashion nova, her boy toys, crab, lobster.


Look how she's so cute. Future got eyes brah!!!


She probably is a gold digger based on what she puts on social media. However, Future laid down with her unprotected. He knew the game. So pay the coins if he is the father. Too much drama. You would think he and other so called men would know by now.