Future Says Instagram Models' Baby Claims Are Just A Money Grab

AllHipHop Staff

Rap star Future has gone into court to protect his pockets against paternity claims made by two different women.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Future has blasted a woman who alleges he is the father of her child as a fraud.

Eliza Seraphin filed paternity papers in Broward County, Florida over the summer, asking for the "Mask Off" hitmaker to officially be recognized as her baby girl's dad.

She also requested retroactive child support from Future, real name Nayvadius Wilburn.

Additionally, Eliza petitioned to have the hip-hop star cover the hospital expenses she incurred after giving birth in April.

However, Future argues Eliza is simply trying to "extort" money from him because he is rich while alleging she has lied about her financial situation in legal documents in a bid to gain the judge's sympathy.

In court papers obtained by TMZ, Future insists Eliza's claim that she is unemployed without a bank account or a car is false.

He also noted that she promotes herself as a brand ambassador on Instagram, on which she is known as Eliza Reign, and has shown off multiple cars, including a leased 2018 Range Rover.

Calling for the case to be thrown out, he states, "The petitioner is lying about financial matters at the onset of (the) case which is solely based on her attempt to extort money from (me)."

Notably, Future avoids actually addressing the matter of paternity, for which he is refusing a DNA test, according to Seraphin who is promoting a clothing line called "1 800 Deadbeat."

She isn't the only woman the rapper is said to have fathered a newborn with.

Last week, Cindy Renae Parker lodged similar documents in Texas, accusing the MC of turning his back on her after she gave birth to a son named Legend Ary Wilburn in July.

Future already has five other children with five different women, including five-year-old Future Zahir Wilburn, his son with ex-fiancee Ciara.

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This news can be true, most instagram models are naked revealing their private parts just to earn money, in start they buy likes from Likezoid.com and once they became famous they start revealing their body just to stay famous.


This nigga nasty how u go raw in all these ho's


He belongs to the community lol


Future needs to get it together stop making babies in every state , he belongs to the community can't deny your kids dude


Future will eventually be a thing of the past if he keeps on knocking up these chicks. His must’ve never heard of Shawn Kemp and how he went broke after making damn near 100 million.