G-Unit Debuts New Video on Internet

Rap collective G-Unit (50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck) has announced that they will debut their new video "Feel Good" exclusively on the Internet."Feel Good," which debuts on AllHipHop.com today (November 1) at 4:00 PM EST, is the first single off G-Unit's upcoming, as yet untitled mixtape. According to G-Unit, it is the first time in history a video will be premiered before the actual song."The project itself will be something they will be looking forward to," 50 Cent told AllHipHop.com. "There hasn't been a project so far that has captured that good street or aggressive content."50 Cent decided to release the video and single for "Feel Good" on the Internet first due to the creative freedom of the medium, and the video’s graphic content."We're going back to the basic concept of the mixtape and creating a new vibe," 50 Cent continued. "[We are creating] a new sound for them to rock in the street. We plan for ["Feel Good"] to do for G-Unit what “You Should Be Here” [from 50 Cent is The Future] did for me. Implant us in the future."

See the video below: