GA Drug Charges Against Lil Wayne Dropped

AllHipHop Staff

Georgia Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson has exonerated Lil Wayne of felony drug charges stemming from a 2006 arrest in Atlanta.

Wayne (Dwayne Carter) was arrested in August 2006 at the Twelve Hotel. A police search allegedly revealed unnamed bottles holding the drugs hydrocodone and Xanas.

Also, the officers retrieved an undisclosed amount of marijuana.

In October 2007, New Orleans emcee was arrested per a fugitive warrant for skipping a scheduled Fulton County court date.

Yesterday (March 3), Wayne’s attorney William Head successfully argued that the search was illegal, and that his client was not present in the room, nor was it registered to him when the arrest was decreed.

Regarding the missed court date, the judge deemed Wayne’s excuse appropriate.

According to Head, his client missed the date because the summons was mailed to his New Orleans residence, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Wayne next court appearance will be in New York on April 20, where he faces the charge of criminal possession of a loaded weapon.

Similar to the dismissed Georgia charges, the Hip-Hop superstar was arrested after a police search of his tour bus revealed the weapon.

At press time, Lil Wayne’s rock-centered LP, entitled Rebirth, is scheduled to be released on May 19.