GA Governor Signs Speeding Law With Andre 3000 By His Side

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Andre 3000 continued to make amends for his speeding violation yesterday (May 5), by making a high profile appearance with the Governor of Georgia, who signed a new “Super Speeder” law in the state.

Andre “3000” Benjamin appeared with Governor Sonny Perdue yesterday at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite campus.

Gov. Perdue signed the new measure, which adds an additional $200 fine on to drivers who are caught traveling over 85 MPH on four-lane roads and the Interstate, or over 75 MPH on two lane roads or highways.

The fees, which take start in January, is expected to raise an extra $23 million dollars that will be used to upgrade the trauma centers and emergency rooms throughout the state.

According to reports, Georgia trauma centers and emergency rooms spend over $170 million dollars per year on uncompensated care.

“I believe we can not only help fund trauma care through increased fines, but we can also reduce the heavy burden on our state’s emergency rooms,” Perdue said at a press conference.

Andre 3000 himself was arrested in march, when was caught driving his 2007 Porsche Carrera 109 MPH on Interstate 75, which has a speed limit of 65 MPH.

Benjamin bypassed a court appearance on April 29 and settled the matter by paying a $1200 dollar fine.