Gadget Review: Eten Glofish X800 Phone

Glofish X800 (Eten)The Glofish X800 is an extension of the original Glofish, but it now obliges users with the standard 3.5G for cell phones. This drastically reduces the time downloading broadband data, like a plethora of business emails or images from your myspace page. The newest version of Glofish comes fully equipped with Windows Mobile 6.0, GPS capable and WiFi enabled. This means your phone will pick up all the hotspots or can actually show you how to get there. This pricey treat also comes packed with two cameras, a VGA (video) on the front and a sweet 2.0 mega pixel on the back. This allows the mover and shaker to make video calls and take good quality pictures.The only glaring downside for the Glofish is it doesn’t have the capability to play Mp3’s like the Apple iPhone and a number of emerging competitors. Eten quickly makes up for this deficiency by including an FM radio, Skype support and a MicroSC memory expansion slot. Additionally, there is a charming 2.8-inch 640x480 VGA screen in high-resolution. The lack of Mp3 player creates a slight dilemma when you’re ready to slap down $900 for the Glofish. However, if you are ready and able to spend, go, but there aren’t too many sea dwellers that measure up to the Glofish X800.($900;