Gadget Review: Ion Audio iPA03 Speaker

iPod Karaoke anyone?

The iPA03 from Ion Audo is the perfect solution for a backyard bar-b-cue, small gathering or family function, or even a business presentation. In short, anywhere you need music and/or a microphone. And since it runs on battery power for six hours at full blast, there is no need to search around for an electric outlet.

I ran this unit for several hours in a room of about 50 people and the sound was as crisp and clear on the other side of the room as it was next to speaker. The bass was solid and the vocals were in tune.

The construction is solid feel without being too heavy. It wheeled around and maneuvered easily, and the handles have a nice sturdy feel

It offers enough connections so you rock the party right from this little box. It was extremely easy to use…you simply plug and play. Of course your iPod docks right on top, but there are inputs for the included microphone, an auxiliary mic or instrument such as an electric guitar. Lastly, there is a set of stereo rca inputs to hook up a cd player, turn table or even another iPA03.

All in all, Ion Audio has come to the table with a product I’m sure other audio companies will soon copy. It’s a winner, and I’d buy it!

Key Features

High-output powered mountable 2-way speaker system

Built-in rechargeable battery with level indicator lasts over 12 hours

Outputs high-fidelity sound to over 150 feet

Enhanced bass output creates a full, rich sound

Professional quality microphone included

Heavy-duty aluminum construction

Two-wheel system with retractable handle for easy portability

1-3/8? PA speaker stand mountable

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