Gadget Review: Mondo Mint Digital Music Station

The mp3 revolution is in full swing, creating a totally mobile, portable music experience. Unchained from huge stereos and cumbersome headphones, as well as bulky CD players, people are now able to truly take the music on the go. Who needs anti shock when you can carry a player that can fit in your pocket, run for hours, and doesn’t require a disc change? On the deck, however, is the Mondo Mint stereo sound system, which represents an attempt to bring your players back home.

The Mondo presents a very sleek design, stylistically a nod to the iPod aesthetic with piano white exterior and rounded square edges. Tastefully minimalist. The Mondo not only can connect with your mp3 player, but also to your computer via USB cable. No more crowded speakers to hamper your desktop experience, the speaker cords of the Mondo Mint extends up to 4.9 feet (1.5 meters). You can mount them on your walls or place them strategically around your space. You can also connect to basically any audio device through the 1/8 in. (3.5mm) headphone jack.

Spec-wise, the Mondo is no slouch either as the amplifier, which uses exclusive Di-Fi TM (Digital Fidelity) and PurePath TM audio technology, burst forth with a moderately robust 70 watts per channel. The flexibility continues as it can power either the sufficient Mondo speakers (2 included) or any speakers of 4, 6, or 8 ohm configuration.

The speakers themselves are constructed of wood to hold the highs of the neodymium PeerlessTM tweeters, and the lows of the 4-inch AuraSoundTM aluminum cone woofers. Unit also comes with high-quality speaker cables and is a breeze to put together. You can line in to almost any mp3 player or radio to pump up the volume.

What really brings the Mondo into the functionality forefront is the wireless deck feature. The deck, which accommodates the iPod juggernaut with a charging feature that allows you to play your music by remote from other rooms and from great distances (up to 100ft.). It allows you to remove another instrument from your desktop (less clutter) and it requires no additional software (iTunes and Windows Media Player compatible).

In a nutshell, the Mondo Mint allows you to step up your computer sound system, as well as house your now portable sounds. It gives you the freedom to use PC or Mac, and also doesn’t require extra software. Crisp sound, functionality, high quality, and with its wireless functionality you can place your speakers more than the constraining foot or two apart, unlike most other iPod peripherals. While it’s not badder than Bose, at $349 it provides a nice punch for the price.

The Mondo Mint is available at