Gadget Review: Samsung YP-K3 MP3 Player

YP-K3 (Samsung)

The Mp3 player game is very serious and the players are getting better and better – sort of like Dr. Jay to Michael Jordan to...well Michael Jordan. The products being released are intensifying by the moment. That said, Samsung’s YP-K3 is a sleek Mp3 player that could give Apple and Zune a run for their money.

The YP-K3 comes in black, lime green and red. Additionally, it has a storage capacity of up to 4GB of data. It also includes an FM radio as well. The YP-K3’s features round out with a touch screen, a speaker, black-lit blue controls and a blue OLED screen with a black case to boot. The YP-K3 might be the sixth man on the team right now, but given the chance, it could be a starter very soon.

(; $169)