Game Affiliate G. Malone Inks Deal With Big Ego/Sony Urban

Former Aftermath A&R

Mike Lynn, who helped discover The Game, has signed Black Wall Street affiliate

G. Malone to a solo contract and label deal.

G. Malone’s album The Beach Cruiser will be released

with the rapper’s label Blu Division, in conjunction with Big Ego Entertainment

and Sony Urban Music.

"Signing the deal was the beginning," G. Malone told "Now I got 1.7 million other things to do," he said

referring to his supposed signing bonus.


Ego's Mike Lynn joined Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment in 1996, where

he was influential in the careers of such artists as 50 Cent, Eve, Game, Busta

Rhymes and others.

In August of 2005, Lynn announced a partnership with Sony Urban

Music and Columbia Records Group and is in charge of signing and developing

artists released on Sony Urban/Columbia.

Although G. Malone is co-managed by Game's brother, Big Fase

100, the Watts rapper chose to align himself with Big Ego rather than sign directly

with The Black Wall Street, which he is still affiliated with.

Currently, G. Malone is at work on a mixtape he hopes to drop

by the end of the year.

The Beach Cruiser

is slated for a spring 2006 release.